2018 Season

Learn about our 2018 season, Power-Up, and our robot Cornelius.


Meet Cornelius, our robot for the 2018 FRC game, Power-Up. Cornelius can manuever around the field with great agility and speed, pick up power cubes, and succsessfully shoot into both the switch and the scale.

Team 668 competed at the Arizona North Regional & Silicon Valley Regional where we landed in the quarter-finals for both.

Team Graduates, Class of 2022

President: Max Kwon; MIT (Mass. Institute of Technology)

Machining Captain: Matthew Vezien; UC Merced

Mechanical Captain: Artyom Martirosyan; UC Santa Cruz

CAD Captain: Jan Ryser; UC Berkeley

Media Captain: Justin Pena, UC Irvine

Driver: Riley Stokes, USC (Southern California)